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Default Re: I know what phone i want ;)

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
Cool but sounds like overkill to me. What the hell do you need the horsepower for on a phone? No app fora while would use it and as a pc with Linux it would just be an isolated subpar experience
Nah not overkill at all yet. I still can't play flash games on my phone because it's under powered. Also having HDMI out with full 1080p video capabilities would be really nice. Video playback of full resolution files certainly cannot be done on current phones, which will be needed if you want to use your phone as a portable media player.

It all comes back to how portable you want the device to be. I can do that stuff on my desktop, but that's a lot to setup and tear down. I can do it on my laptop but that also requires carrying around and extra bag and making sure all of the cables are there to configure it. If the phone can do it you need to have 1 HDMI cable in your pocket or keep it in your car. Then when you're at a friends house you can just plug in and go.
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