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Default Re: Help me build a $2000 gaming Rig

Originally Posted by Albo View Post
Probably had a bad experience with them.

I'd go with XFX, or at least consider it. They have great warranty, and great customer support. At least from my experience.
Originally Posted by Smee View Post
Thanks for all the suggestions so far.. keep them coming, probably place the order tonight.

Bman, why no EVGA?
Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post
Really? I ONLY go Evga for GPUs.
Not one bad experience. For some reason everything EVGA that I've ever purchased or helped purchase has died. Their RMA support is good, and I've RMA'ed stuff before, but there is no reason I should need to in the first place. Off the top of my head this is the number of EVGA products I can think of that have died.

2 6800GT PCI-E cards (One mine, one a friends)
2 8800GTX (Both of them mine, RMAed one of them twice and both of those died as well, likely due to the 2nd card I was trying to SLI with)
9600GT (Mine, died after 1 year, that was RMAed)
780i board (Friends lasted 1 year)

EVGA is the only graphics product I've had die. I've only smoked one other board and that was my DFI-LP expert board.

FWIW I have a Ti4200, 6800GT AGP, 8800GTS all XFX, 2 msi 8800GTs, an X800XL AIW and some other low end stuff not worth mentioning.
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