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Default Re: Help me build a $2000 gaming Rig

Originally Posted by Smee View Post
Crap, I see an issue already.. the Ram

Maybe 2 sets of these?

Or 2 pairs of this....

Hoping to have 12gb though.. (do a lot of video encoding)
Nah two of these:

There is a nice article MikeC linked to showing memory really isn't a limiting factor for Sandy Bridge. The difference between 1333mhz and 2000mhz ram might be 1 or 2% in real world tests.

Then you should have plenty of ram for your needs.

That's a really nice setup once you get the ram issue figured out. I don't forsee and issues with Only and 850W PSU. RageJG is running GTX 570 SLI on a 650W PSU. I've run 8800GTX SLI on a 750W before. Guru3d shows about 450W pull from the wall for 1 GTX 580 under load. Your setup probably won't pull as much their their system does either.
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