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Default Re: Help me build a $2000 gaming Rig

Originally Posted by Rummy View Post
Also no reason to buy an SC card. Just get the vanilla and oc it.
The one nice thing about getting a factory OC'ed card is that it's already flashed with those settings. It can get old really fast if you have the OC enabled in the driver because it can keep getting reset through reinstalls, driver changes, etc.

Was going to say it makes you wonder why no one has a card with programmable settings on it, but I'd bet it would also cut into their mini cash cow of charging slightly more for a small OC. There is one card with a switch to change between firmwares, but it should be easy enough to make a programmable chip from software. Set your OC in the nvidia control panel, and it writes those settings to the card. Then if the card fails to boot it can just revert back to the factory settings.
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