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Default Re: I know what phone i want ;)

It's a pointless argument.

Verizon probably has less spots where it works poorly than AT&T, but in my area, AT&T works very well, I get 5 bars from my house to work and good data speeds. I know of spots where AT&T just barely works and Verizon works ok. IMHO, Verizon just has less dead areas than AT&T, but the service in the good areas is the same for both.

Being able to talk and use data is a nice feature with AT&T.

AT&T, aside from BB's and the iPhone, doesn't have as good of a selection of phones as Verizon though. Hopefully that will change.

AT&T still has some work to do, but let's just wait and see how Verizon does with a flood of very vocal Apple users on it's network.
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