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Default Re: 3rd Party Cooler For GTX580?

Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
Obviously that's not what i'm doing, I'm going by reviews and the GTX580 sitting inside my system plus information I've seen from other users who I trust.

70C load is BS unless your using a noisy custom fan profile.
Not necessarily. When the G80s first came out I picked up dual 640MB 8800GTSs. Everybody complained about how hot the 8800GTS and GTX ran, while both of mine never reached 60*C under full load I believe it was. Granted, the room I gamed in was cool and I had rediculous airflow in my case. None the less, it is possible even with the stock cooling and stock fan settings. Rare? Sure, but possible none the less.

I know the 8800s was some time back but that was just an example, the 8800s were hot running cards and to this day I'm not 100% sure how they ran so cool. But they did, neven even got too hot to touch even afte hours of rigorous gaming. If it happened with my 8800s, it could happen with his 580.
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