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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Thanks for the link steve! I'll give it a try.
Nice previews as well, looking sharp

I have a few other nV Surround videos online, iRacing and Call of Duty. Check them out here if you want.

Hey slaWter

Checked out your other vids im real impressed with the iRacing - Motion ****pit View reall puts you right in the car! how are the beavels? iive read that may ppl say you just blank the out after a time do you find that or are they still something that jars you away from the immersion? seems with LED backlighting id have expected some mass market player to push out some beavel less (or atless removable bevels) pannels by now

Got a few more shots of my shadows mod here showing how it looks at a longer range
(theres a little help from enb in these shots )

I gotta say in motion this really does take FSX up another level (im not just bigging up my mod by saying that btw )

i'll see if i can try and grab a HD vid with FSrecorded over the next week or so,seems the lastest version can turn FSX into an offline rendering engine cant wait to check it out!

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