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Default Re: And they said it couldn't be done

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Perhaps you require 30+ fps consistently. I do not. In fact, I find Crysis perfectly playable as low as 20fps. I've not played it with FRAPs running so I'm unsure of my exact framerate but I can guarantee that, excluding AA, all in-game settings *are* maxed. DX10. I'll see if I can run through some of it with FRAPs here in a bit just to see what frames I am getting.
To be playable of course 30 fps should be consistent. And while you may find 20 fps in Crysis playable, you'll hit half that fps on a 5770 at times and I know for a fact Metro 2033 will run worse with everything maxed.

Anyway, my point stands. A single 5870 is not good for gaming with multiple monitors and the fact that you can actually install and play a slideshow on your 5770 doesn't change the fact that your post was highly misleading.
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