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Default Re: And they said it couldn't be done

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
To be playable of course 30 fps should be consistent. And while you may find 20 fps in Crysis playable, you'll hit half that fps on a 5770 at times and I know for a fact Metro 2033 will run worse with everything maxed.

Anyway, my point stands. A single 5870 is not good for gaming with multiple monitors and the fact that you can actually install and play a slideshow on your 5770 doesn't change the fact that your post was highly misleading.
Whoa... really? You think it dips down to 10fps? Never once have I seen it below 20 in Crysis, DX10 all in-game options Very High. More often it actually hovers at or above 30fps.

Metro, I do have to disable Advanced DoF, and AA is "AAA", and it can dip below 20... about 17fps at some parts. No aa on either.

Kinda' funny on how you seem to know more about my rigs performance than I do?

Maybe I'll be able to post some screenies for you. Never used it before but I guess I could use that benchmark feature in FRAPs, if that'd be more concrete for you.

I was running Crysis, DX10, maxed (all in-game settings @ very high) with my dual 8800GTXs, this 5770 is actually slightly faster in most titles. Not sure why you're so surprised by this.
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