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Default Re: 3rd Party Cooler For GTX580?

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
What case do you use. It sounds like yours has very bad air flow. No way you should be hitting those sort of temps unless running something like Furmark.

It's an Antec 1200, so no problems with airflow at all.

Also the results I just showed you show you are wrong, it's perfectly normal for them to reach the mid to high 80's in games and allot of reviews show this, some don't but I suspect they didn't do enough testing or used furmark, latest versions of furmark run cooler than they should on the GTX580 due to the limiter.

Your results are more unusual than my results..

The cooler is not the problem, I also need to get the The VR004 Kit so I can install it on the GTX580.

All the descriptions i've read suggest you have to buy them seperately, also none of the coolers on OCUK will work on a GTX580
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