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Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
36 idle? wow nice. I got two cores at 36 and two at 40 @ 3.6.
What heatsink are you using bob?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I always lap my ihs so that I get perfectly flat mounts with my water block. more than likely why you are getting 4 deg difference across the heat spreader. I had one chip that was such a spoon the temps dropped about 12 deg after I lapped it and gained about 500 Mhz in overclock.

Before lapping I get variations like you are seeing, a few degrees between the cores. After lapping they are usually all the same or maybe 1 deg off but that could just be accuracy of the sensor at that point. I'm not saying you should lap it, I just wanted point out why there are differences in the core temps.
Yea my temps between cores vary about 2-3C. That's probably due to the surface not being flat like you said mailman.

I'm still considering picking up a beastly Noctua.
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