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Default GTX 460 Defective, or nature of the beast?

I have that MSI model GTX 460 and have a strange issue with it. I'll describe the problem best I can and you tell me if you know what could cause it or if you've ever had a similar issue.

The moment I got it, I uninstalled my ATI HD 4890 drivers as cleanly as I could, reboot, etc, then installed the new 460. I installed Nvidia's official 260.99 drivers and rebooted. When Windows began to load I saw what I can only describe as dotted lines covering the entire screen. I could see the desktop through them and they seemed to move or disappear in spots as I moved the cursor around. The screen resolution was low and it looked like 16 bit color as if no driver had loaded. I rebooted and the drivers loaded up and all worked fine so I discounted it as ATI leftovers interfering or just a "glitch in the matrix".

Then I reinstalled Windows 7 x64 clean and went with the MSI 259.22 drivers. Long story short, it's been 3 weeks and in that time this has happened 3 more times. Rebooting has fixed it every time so far. This has never happened during use, meaning it happens while booting or it does not happen. I do see artifacts/corruption in the post screen as well when it happens, so this is not driver related. A series of dashes or the like that doesn't belong there between text.

Other than that the card works perfect. I don't over clock anything. The card runs nice and cool. Runs games fine, ran Unigine benchmark fine. So I am tempted to RMA it while I can, but really hate to RMA things. Anyone know what may cause this? Would you RMA it or just reboot once or twice a week when it occurs and forget it unless it gets worse?
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