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Angry Palit GTX 460 problem - Almost driving me crazy

Hello all,
I bought a palit gtx 460. I installed it and got the "no signal" warning of my monitor. I have an old 550 W psu and Q6600 on a DFI motherboard. I tried it in another computer and it worked fine. So I supposed it would be a motherboard compatibility issue, so i tried an ASUS motherboard and surprisingly I got the "no signal" warning. My second thoough was that it is a psu problem so I tried another and nothing changed. I tried changing ram dimm's but nothing. The worst part is that it is working at the computer of the computer store I bought it so they won't change it. Do you have any suggestions ??

To summarize ::
My palit GTX 460 doesn't work on :
---motherboard--- with ---processor---
DFI DK X48 T2RS Q6600 (OC' ed at 3,2 )
ASUS P5QLD PRO Q6600 (no OC)

but works on
GA X38 DS4 E6600 (no OC)

any ideas ??

Thanks in Advance !
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