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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by Koko56 View Post
Don't mean to be mean, but I was being sarcastic - you could well have been defending the galaxy with that tone, but then again I'm not even sure why the whole argument actually happened... but... then... again.... I did not read the whole 16 pages.

But hay - I'm all for Crysis.

As for my sig - never thought of it like that - just about the paradox.
I figured as much and just kept the flow. The actual discussion was just short with me posting Crysis offical total sales numbers, someone saying it is fake and hes unofficial number of 3m sales being for Warhead + Crysis and then saying 1m sales in 2 months is bad. I just smudged the official numbers onto his face as i was quite curious on his reaction. My tone was choosen purposefully to see the results and sure someone broke down and ended up with onliners. The pen (keyboard in this case) is mightier than the sword, eh?

Anyway I'll hope Crysis 2 turns out to be a great game and hopefully Stalker 2 (they just better get some competent artists to not have another "COP").
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