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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

The FERMI mixer code may well not be as optimized as the previous generations. Hence, performance may not be as fast.

Still, the numbers you posted should be fine, I believe. Most likely, any content you're attempting to play is only 30 frames per second, so decode/mixer rates above 60fps are all that's needed (modulo some overhead for buffering, other work the GPU is doing e.g. compositing, OpenGL rendering, etc.)

What playback application are you using?

To address specifics of what the mixer options do: mixer bob/weave are very basic de-interlacing techniques and are probably the default for any player application. mixer temporal is a more advanced algorithm which will give fewer artefacts and/or better resolution. mixedr temporal-spatial is an even better algorithm. ivtc is an option for temporal/temporal-spatial that's more computationally intensive, but allows the algorithms to work better still.
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