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Default Re: GT430 On Linux (Slackware64 13.1) not recognized by ALSA

Stephen, thanks for replying!

I am not sure if I use pulseaudio, I believe so but not sure. I use slackware and I am just a noob in multimedia stuff in linux so I cant answer yet. Is there a way to determine that?

Make sure you're running X using the NVIDIA driver and it's driving your HDMI monitor.
X is running and driving the samsung TV through hdmi

Run alsamixer -c 2 and unmute everything.
I have only 3 cards in alsamixer: HDA ATI SB & HDA NVIDIA. Selecting the Nvidia card (F6) I only get S/PDIF, S/PDIF 1, S/PDIF 2 & S/PDIF 3... nothing else.

Run the following; one of them should work:
neither of these test output sound thru my TV speakers.

Attached is a new nvidia-debug-log as you requested.

Let me know what you think!

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