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Default Re: DC Universe Online

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
Watched it a bit on a live cast on GiantBomb. Looks like they got the action-oriented combat right, and the graphics look good. I noticed quite a few issues that commonly occur in launch MMORPGs but nothing major. Standard MMO setup as far as I could tell with questing, didn't get a look at any of the game's other features. They guys playing it dismissed it pretty quickly but honestly I don't think they were ever really trying to give it a chance.

One major thing I noticed is that the PC UI and control setup is clearly ported from console versions, a huge mistake in my opinion, but then again the gameplay may not require anything more sophisticated.
The combat is fun as hell.

The launch was pretty much flawless except for people having port problems on PCs and the loss of audio bug. Other than that it was a very good launch.

The UI is completely consolized. The good thing is it still is easy to get around and doesn't bother you that much. If you just open your quest log and you have access to all the menu options for the game. For it being consolized it works as good as one could hope for. It isn't perfect but doesn't make me worry about the game.
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