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Default "Composite X extension" Re: 3D Vision in Linux

I looked at the /var/log/Xorg.0.log and found a hint of the problem:

(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "Stereo" "10"
(**) Jan 14 14:19:21 NVIDIA(0): USB IR emitter stereo requested
(**) Jan 14 14:19:21 NVIDIA(0): Enabling RENDER acceleration
(II) Jan 14 14:19:21 NVIDIA(0): Support for GLX with the Damage and Composite X extensions is
(II) Jan 14 14:19:21 NVIDIA(0): enabled.

(WW) Jan 14 14:19:23 NVIDIA(0): UBB is incompatible with the Composite extension. Disabling
(WW) Jan 14 14:19:23 NVIDIA(0): UBB.
(WW) Jan 14 14:19:23 NVIDIA(0): Stereo is incompatible with the Composite extension.
(II) Jan 14 14:19:23 NVIDIA(0): Disabling stereo.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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