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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Impressions thus far?
In a crammed tiny case performs like a top i920 , i could boot to windows at 4800MHz and 5GHz and run some benchmarks, but no way to test for stability without setting house on fire actually at 5GHz it crashed during 1024m Prime run , 4.8GHz could run Vantage,3DM11,Prime155. But Prime95 torture test skyrockets temps in few minutes.

VenomX+1500rpm fan is not enough, i think i got crappy 2600k needs over 1.3v to be LinX stable @ 4500MHz. or maybe i have no idea how to overclock these , Asus MATX board i got P8P67-M Pro does not have alot of options, only few voltage controls and somewhat weird placement of things.

The interesting thing that i really liked if you don't like tinkering or Overclocking headaches at stock in EFI Bios just by selecting Performance preset instead of Normal or Economic , bios auto set CPU to 4100MHz for all cores with XMP profile for memory @ 1833 , ran some benchmarks and it was faster+cooler then my old i920@4200MHz, so that's very nice if you want to just plug and play with good OC out of the box

Anyway goal was to stay under 80C , roadblock was at 4500MHz. In this setup.

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