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Originally Posted by mullet View Post
You can't raise the FSB at all?????????
Well, there isn't an FSB with i7's. It's just like the Athlon64's with the on-die memory controller. There's a base clock (i.e. FSB) which the chip multiplies by to get the rated speed. Then a multiplier is used off of that to get the QPI (same as the Hypertransport on the Athlon's), and a multiplier is used to get the DRAM speed.

This article (and Roadhog) helped me with understanding all the settings:

If you've ever had an Athlon64 or later, you'll get the hang of it quickly.

Increasing the base clock is equivalent to raising the FSB, but the base clock isn't an actual FSB. There is no FSB on i7. The stock base clock is 133. With a 23x multi, that gives the 950 its rated speed of 3.06GHz. I increased the base clock to 175, then used a ratio to keep the QPI at it's rated 4.8 GT/s (I could probably increase that a little too) and another ratio to keep my DRAM in spec. Since it only uses even multi's, I had to settle with DDR3-1400 speeds for my DDR3-1600 RAM. I could probably change the multiplier and base clock to get the same speed with my RAM at real 1600MHz speeds, but I don't know how much of a difference it will make.
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