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Originally posted by Fluke
WAhahaha, someone is making hacked drivers of Creative Labs own!?? omg!! lmao...Let me guess, a former employee disgruntled cuz Creative laid him off or fired him.
Umm, read the site much? These are independently created drivers for the emu10k1/2 chipsets, not 'hacks'. Their main purpose is for musicians as they provide many advanced DSP effects and routing capabilities as well as lower latency than the CL drivers. The authors are focusing on support for musicians, but the directsound compatibility works well enough for me.

After the recent 'DRM' license in the creative drivers and poor compatibility with many of my games I was actually thinking about getting a santa cruz based card. The kx drivers fixed all my problems once I had them set up and working and they aren't forcing restrictive licenses on you just to get your hw working. I'm gonna donate $5 to their cause since they saved me buying a new card just to avoid creatives crappy drivers (not much I know but I already blew my student loan on an upgrade )
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