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Default Re: -= Official Intel P67 / Sandy Bridge / i3 2100 / i5 2500K / i7 2600K Review Threa

Think I decided on the board I want.


It has what I want and gets rid of a lot of extras. Trying to go as simple as possible on this build and see if I like it or not. When comparing this to a top of the line board like the UD7 they need to have so many more chips to puzzle piece the extras in.

The intel sata controller supports 2 6gbps sata ports and 4 sata 3gbps. Some boards have 3 extra chips on them just to support more ports. (One for SATA3,sata2, and esata) I have the esata bracket so I'll just plug that into one of the sata ports if I really need it.

No NF200 bridge chip, but it still has SLI support. Guessing since MSI sells nvidia graphics cards they can get around the license issue. The only disadvantage is that the slots are configured really strange because of the low number of PCI-E lanes. If you want to run SLI you can't have anything in any of the other PCI-E slots otherwise it will drop the 2nd card down to x1. So if you need to use those slots you might want to get a board with bridge chip if you're going to run SLI or crossfire.
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