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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I've made a few changes in my life recently and one of them was to "go legit" on how I got my movies and home entertainment. So, I decided to sign back up for Netflix (it's been a few years) since it was the popular choice. I was real surprised at the selection Netflix had online, both what I could watch on my laptop/PC or order on DVD via mail.

Wifey wanted to watch a movie earlier today and we decided to watch it on the home theater.

First attempt: Watch on the HTPC. I currently run the latest version of XBMC Live but quickly found that there was no free way of watching Netflix movies on XBMC. The only real solution is PlayOn and that costs money. No go.

Second attempt: Sony Blu-Ray Player. We've never used this BR player to watch Netflix so I was expecting that we could surf the Netflix library and watch any movie available that we could on the PC. No. You have to get on your PC, add movies to the "Instant Queue", then play it on the BR player. WTF?

Is Netflix really this un-developed? I really like the selection of movies and TV shows available to stream on my laptop, but why can't I do the same on my HTPC or BR Player? Setting this on my my BR Player is a little complicated for my wife since she was used to using the HTPC (pick a movie poster and hit Select to play the movie).

Is there something I'm missing here?

Just use a freaking web browser ya drama queen. If you must have some shiney movie interface windows media center has a plug in.
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