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When I had a Samsung player it was like your Sony, you had to pick all your movies on-line because that's the only ones that showed up in the Netfilx Que in the BD Player. My sister-in-law had an LG BD Player and it allowed you to browse the other catagories and watch movies from them and even add them to your on-line Instant Queue. So because of that I traded my Samsung player for an LG player. Luckily for me I was on the last day of the return time for Best Buy so I just exchanged the player. The LG Player I got was the BD570 and it's very nice. The whole home network experience is much better than the Samsung. I don't care much for their home menu but the LG BD570 does a much better job for home networking. You can browse any share from your home network. It does have a few quirks with what codecs it supports for a video file type (mkv / mp4) but none the less I really like it and look forward to the improvements they'll make on the 2011 models.
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