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Default Re: It's working!!!

Originally posted by BlackEagle
Hi, i found the following lines in my /var/log/firewall log-file:
Oct 2 13:39:10 client2 kernel: nvidia: Can't find an IRQ for your NVIDIA card!
Oct 2 13:39:10 client2 kernel: nvidia: Please check your BIOS settings.
Oct 2 13:39:10 client2 kernel: nvidia: [Plug & Play OS ] should be set to NO
Oct 2 13:39:10 client2 kernel: nvidia: [Assign IRQ to VGA] should be set to YES

I changed my bios settings as the file said and it worked!!!
Don't ask me why this stuff was in the firewall log file. Anyway, thanks for your help :-)

Cya, BlackEagle.
Firewall log? hahah
That's weeeeeird. At least it's working

EDIT: okay so next time someone has that problem I will tell them to check the firewall log muahahah
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