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Default Re: GeForce GTX 460 Drivers Stopped Responding

I have the same problem with my EVGA 460 1G card. I get the same error 260.99 drivers had stopped responding and have restarted. I get this error so much that it would crash the computer. Once the computer reboots it would start all over again.

I have tried everything to fix this issue. From installing beta drivers to doing a fresh install of windows. The only way i got it to stop was to install the 263.14 drivers i found on this site. but i still notice a few problems with the graphics. But no crashing. I talking to EVGA support and they suggested that i RMA the card.

I have read a few forum post on the net about people having this issue too. Some say its a windows 7 issue some say its the card..

anyone here have any ideas.....

Asus M4N78 Pro
Phenom II 4X 955
Corsair 4G's PC6400
EVGA 460 1G
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