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Default Re: Bug Report: Hard crash (freeze) with nVidia GTX 460

Just registered in order to add myself to this list.

Ubuntu 10.10
Kernel 2.6.35 (and several others before)
MSI GeForce 460 GTX 768MB AND MSI GeForce 460 GTX 1024MB
Intel Core2Duo E8500

Symptoms: Same as described by the other posters. Runs for some hours, sometimes some days, then freezes and plays a soundloop of the last 0.1-0.2 seconds endlessly. Only hard reboot helps, the system is not reachable via LAN anymore. Sometimes no freeze occurs for several days, sometimes I get three freezes in one hour.
The problem seems to occur mostly when playing videos or copying large amount of data, but not exclusively. May also be incidental, however.

When my 9800GTX died on me (unrelated), I first bought the 1024MB version, got the same error and sent it back immediately. Since MSI didn't find a 9800 anymore, they gave me the 768MB version as a replacement instead - same problem, so I doubt it was a hardware error of the GPU.
I then borrowed Win7 from a friend and tried it on a fresh windows install - same problem occured. So I rather think it is some strange hardware conflict than a linux driver problem. However, this is the first thread I found dealing with this exact problem.
(still hoping some mastermind finds the source of the problem)
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