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Default Re: Bug Report: Hard crash (freeze) with nVidia GTX 460

Hi mondragor!

This is definitely the same problem as me because you get the sound loop thing. I get that as well sometimes (or it may be all the time, but there is no sound playing sometimes so I can not know).

This is clearly not a hardware problem; you mention you have the same problem on Win7; this is the only difference from me, I dont get that on Win 7 but it may be because I rarely use Win7 so the problem did not (yet) manifest itself. It's true that sometimes it can run several days in a row without problems...

What is your motherboard? I have an ASUS P7P55D Deluxe, processor is an Intel Core i7 860. My PSU is an Enermax Eco 80+ (500 W).

I do hope someone finds the solution - it is really preventing me from fully enjoying this new system... still no nVidia engineers had a look at this. Let's gather as much information as we can, I can recap what we know so far:

* Complete lockup (no LAN etc), loops the last 0.1 sound seconds (on Linux)
* Not a Gentoo problem, happens in Ubuntu as well and other distros;
* Not a hardware problem (or if it is, there seems to be tons of defective GPUs...)
* Seems to also happen on Windows 7 (not for me but may be due to too short running periods in my case)
* Does not happen with Nouveau (or maybe much more rarely, I did not have it in maybe 2 weeks of running with Nouveau)
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