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Default Re: PS3 security hacked

There is a major(and I mean major) hack being released today..I wonder what the heck Sony is going to do. It will enable PSN and allow people to play all of them. It's being released by the same guy that hacked the wii. I wonder if it's the end of the life of the PS3.

It seems like most mod chips and hacks are made for advanced users because what a pain in the ass they can it at least limits this. But this hack is nothing but a firmware update then bam! free games. Now any yahoo that finds out about it can mod their ps3 without buying any specialized hardware.

Sure you can modchip the xbox360 or run hacked firmware all the time, but it is enough of a pain in the butt to discourage the general public and is almost guaranteed to get your xbox eventually banned...which only matters to those who give a crap about live.
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