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Default Re: PS3 security hacked

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post

PC has been "hacked" for years and people still buy games and the PC is still here.

You can buy pirated movies, DVDrips, BRrips, anything and people still buy originals.

Downloading songs in mp3 is easier and faster than buying them and people still buy originals.

Why exactly should this be any different?
Well maybe this will shut up console people about pc piracy. I'm tired of hearing it from devs. Of course every console has been hacked or modchipped at some point. I mod chipped my gamecube for fun 2 months ago lol. Even have an old softmodded xbox 1, a mod chipped ps2, mod chipped ps1, and even a mod chipped sega saturn. The dreamcast I have, well, everyone knows that story...

On hand helds, I have an old GBA flash cart, and a modded psp. Didn't need flash carts for the virtual boy since it only had 13 games. I have 8 of them for a laugh. I like the mod scene after the console has died in development. It's the best way to complete a collection of old crap. I've become obsessed with it. I gotta post a pic of this room I have all this old junk in.
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