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Default Re: Bug Report: Hard crash (freeze) with nVidia GTX 460

Actually this happened for me exactly once in Windows, as I was only trying to test if the error occured at all. Afterwards I stopped trying and killed Windows again

My motherboard: MSI P45 Neo2-FR
Processor: Intel Core2Duo E8500
RAM: 4GB 2x2048MB DDR2-800 PC2-6400 CL5 Kingston original
PSU: Enermax Liberty ECO II 500W

Dr. Hirsch, I agree that this is probably due to some hardware issues (i.e. some exotic conflict); however, since I am happy that I found someone to share my pain, I continue posting in this thread for the time being ...

About the stress test issue: I can run the GPU at high load for hours without anything happening (3D games on 1920x1080), and a short time later, it freezes while i surf the internet; actually most of the crashes occur at very little load. Up to now, I did not find a real connection.

Some things I've tried (most due to some topics in different forums which sounded promising):
- Changing the load settings in the NVIDIA tool from adaptive to high (or low)
- Disabling the NVIDIA HDMI sound (thought it conflicted with my onboard sound in some way)
- Running Windows 7
- Updating / downgrading kernel
- Updating / downgrading NVIDIA drivers
Sometimes I thought I had it, only to find after some days that the system froze again out of the blue.

What I was thinking of doing:
- Exchanging the PSU. Problem is, I don't have another one. I actually ordered a 620W PSU, but canceled the order after thinking I solved the problem (I was mistaken, of course). 500W should be enough, but I wanted to at least eliminate the PSU as cause)
- I will try a Geforce 260 which a colleague can lend me. Actually this is some kind of capitulation as I might swap cards with him (although I guess I won't stand a 260 in my extra silent system). But still I have some hope that together we may identify the root of the problem.

OK, that was kinda long, I guess ...
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