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Default Re: DC Universe Online

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
I agree. Heck, BFBC2 didn't work right out the box. I was just frustrated that I couldn't play it last night.
Just wanted you to know my post wasn't directed towards you. I was a response to Maverick saying many are hating this game.

Last night the servers were down for a emergency repair. They said it would be down for 2 hours and it was just over 2 hours.

Any way Doc, MMOs are more fun playing in a group. 3 of us play on a pvp server. We were having a blast ganking and being ganked while trying to finish our quests. Some don't like pvp servers but I find it fun as hell and frustrating as hell. In the park right out side one of our night clubs there was a HUGE battle between we villians and the heroes. We finally chased them off but it took a while. There is this GAY guild name TITANS who is full of level 30s. They run around in a pack killing everyone they see. There is no sport in what they do. They just want to piss people off but that is the added challenge of a pvp server. You have very powerful enemies that can almost one shot you. LOL! So you better level up to max level so you can beat the crap out of them back.

Any way there is safety in numbers and more fun in numbers. MMOs are a very social game. The complete opposite of FPS games.
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