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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Many thanks for the kind words and well wishing its good to be putting last years **** behind me and getting back to the norm (strange how everyone moans about the norm,i really dont think its till you get some disruption in your life that you realise just how good the norm can be!)

@ Mark Congratz to you and your wife on the birth of your second son,i was wondering what was keeping you away hehe

Hate to tease you all but heres a few more shadow mod shots (2nd pic is GEX US)
(again ENB is helping out a little here with bloom and a slight warm palette shift)

I want to try and get this tested & out before my 260GTX packs up (its been acting every strange the past week or 2 keep getting driver restart errors(cleaning/altering driver vers has no effect) gonna try and get it in another machine later this week to see if it is the 260 or something else in the system (i dout its anything else in there because everything but the 260 and the case is new!)

Might have to follow Nubees lead & post a few of these over at Orbx to get some new fans hehe

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