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Post PS3 + PC into Monitor via HDMI Switcher = Random Signal Drop


Sorry if I have posted in the wrong board.

I'm just wondering if anyone can help me.

I have my PS3 and my desktop PC connected to my Monitor using an HDMI Switcher (as the monitor only has one HDMI Port). It all works fine, I get audio and video from both the PS3 and PC. (I have my speakers connected to the jack on my Monitor so I get sound)

However, randomly the signal will just cut out - the picture disappears and so does the sound. The signal is restored about 5-10 seconds later.

I returned the Switcher to the store thinking it could be faulty, but the new Switcher does exactly the same thing, and the store's tests concluded that the original Switcher was not faulty.

I am just wondering if anyone has any insight into this, could it be my setup is not compatible with the switcher? Or something else?

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