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Originally Posted by -=DVS=- View Post
Before i removed dust filters from Antec P180 they ran over 96'C so airflow is very important ,with side panel open it runs cooler then temps in my pic so i know there is still room for improvement , the two front fans i have a cheapo ~1300rpm ones, later in the week will add some Noctua ones with better static pressure , see if that helps. Trying to avoid high rpms as this is my silent build.

What annoys me for this specific CPU of mine is cores 2,3 run much hotter then 1 and 4. No matter how much i reseat CPU cooler its always the same both under idle and load. Neither seem to be convex or concave , maybe 2,3 are just worse

Some guys at other forum getting these to 5ghz or over also on air cooling
You could try lapping the heatsink.
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