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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
WTF are you on about now ?

The water looks considerably better in motion than it does in a snapshot, so do the moving trees and everything else.
Sorry, i mistolked your post, i though it was one of those. IT looks good on your pics but in motion playing it never looked so good. I used to get alot of those before, therefor the reaction.

You're quite right, crysis looks even better in motion. But u do need to use supersampling.

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
zOMG! I want this nao!!!!

However, I hear a crying noise... think it's my 5770.
Please dude, upgrade to a new radeon. The 6950 isn't expensive about 289 dollar and can be unlocked easy to a 6970 and come close to GTX 580 performance. Or if your mobo supports 2 cards, get dual 6850's for just over $300 and it will beat the 580 hands down. Then u can enjoy Crysis 2 on MAX!

Originally Posted by dikinher View Post
That is a good video. The night vision scene made me wonder how good ARMA would look running on CE3. That would be cool.
Am unsure how Ce3 will handle the extreme drawdistance that the Arma games are demanding. According to the guys at bohemia interactive forum it can't be done without getting serious framerates problem. I beg to differ, it all comes down to poly and tris -counts and objects/vegetation optimizations...

Btw, that video is NOT CE3, it's Ce2... And it looks like the RV3 engine is there too, but am not sure. Something is really fishy about that video thats all i can tell...
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