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Default Re: PS3 + PC into Monitor via HDMI Switcher = Random Signal Drop

Originally Posted by FlakMagnet View Post
It could be one or more of your HDMI cables. I had exactly the same issue with my PS3 and TV. For 8 months, I thought there was something wrong with my AV amp as I was getting random dropouts as you describe.

It wasn't until I moved my PS3 upstairs to connect to my PC monitor and witnessed the same dropout, that I tried a different HDMI cable. It stopped the dropouts immediately.

I since ordered some better quality cables and have had no issues since.

Hope that helps

I have no spare HDMI cables, so I will need to purchase some new ones. How much should I spend on one? I need 3metre ones I believe.
I currently have the cheapest ones the store was selling. Could it be that they are cheap and nasty?
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