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Smile Re: GT430 On Linux (Slackware64 13.1) not recognized by ALSA


aplay -D hw:1,9 filename.wav
would not work


aplay -D plughw:1,9 filename.wav
would. I dont know why but some forums suggested to try and it worked.

Now that this is working, how can I get the device to appear in kmix so I can control the volume? I understand it is digital so does it mean that there is no volume control (only on/off or 1/0)? If so I'll need to use the TV remote to adjust the volume?

Second question, how do I get all the programs to output to this plughw:1,9 device whatever it is? Amarok, XBMC, VLC, mplayer, etc are still not outputting sound thru the hdmi...

I am very close so please be patient !

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