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Default Re: GT430 + 260.19.21 + VDPAU = artifacts

Originally Posted by Xeno22 View Post
I'm not sure if it was also with XV, but I thought so (was very late and I felt like braindead ).
But nevertheless, why would it be unlikely to be a driver issue? XV and VDPAU are HW accelerated, right? If some algorithm or timing is wrong, it could miscalculate the pixelvalues and probably set the alpha values wrong because of overflows?!
Since I have no clue about the Nvidia driver and the HW acceleration via VDPAU/XV I can just guess. If this also happens with XV, and the code bases are seperate, what could affect both? Just timings of memory/GPU/bus? Some filters/videomixers in the GPU?

I wonder why it only happens on bigger dark areas like shadows. But maybe it also happens on bright areas. Since the underlying window is white, it would not be visible.
I need to check that, but at the moment I reverted to 256.53 to see if this issue still appears.
But of course it could be an HW issue. If it is, there should be a workaround. As far as I understand, mostly the ION has this issue?!

File should be ok, was playing fine with X11 video output. Also my Laptop plays it correctly.

I'm also not able to check it, since I do not have the hardware at the moment, could take some time.
My problem looks identical to your screengrabs, where dark areas take on an almost transparent color, allowing random, bright junk to show through. It doesn't just happen on video, I can see it in some areas of the mythtv menu and the xbmc menus. The video artifacts do not always appear, they seem to happen after a period of time. Once they do begin, tearing becomes a problem on my 720p stations. Restarting X is enough to resolve the problem for a while.

It's happening on two systems, both with g210 video cards using DVI. I rolled back to 256, and my problems are gone. I doubt it's a HW issue.
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