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Default Better control for adaptive performance mode

I am currently forced to use the maximum performance mode all the time because otherwise scrolling on my web browser, watching videos and other things I do my desktop run too slowly. It would be nice if the performance scaling could be limited so that e.g. it never would go below level 2.

I have GTX 460 on PCI-E 2.0 and with power management enabled it also keeps switching PCI-E link rate all the time, possibly this is the reason for bad performance (PCI-E Gen 1 is certainly fast enough but does the switch cause delays?).

The scaling algorithm could also prefer to stay on higher level for longer periods:
- Avoid frequent switching: wait a while before going to a lower level
- Biased hysterisis to avoid oscillation: do not switch down when there is sufficient load for the current level (even if the driver determines the lower level could also handle the same load)
- Fast response: when more performance is needed, switch instantly to a higher (or highest) level
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