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Default Re: -= Official Intel P67 / Sandy Bridge / i3 2100 / i5 2500K / i7 2600K Review Threa

Originally Posted by Bigbuck View Post
Had a scare yesterday. Just built the PC and kept the stock Intel cooler on there until I find something I like. Had it on for a few hours installing stuff and it go up to 97C. That's at idle! I had also left the stock pad Intel sticks on there as well which was a mistake. Took it off today and put some ICD7 and its hovering at 36C right now. Will be playing something tonight so will be able to see how hot it gets. If I ordered a Tuniq or Ultra Extreme do they have the plates for 1155 out yet?
I looked this up on their website already. LGA1156 and 1155 use the same bolt pattern, so as long as you get an LGA1156 compatible cooler it will also work with Sandy Bridge. Thermalright has a bolt through kit you can purchase if you already have a TRUE but don't have a compatible mounting kit. Got mine from Frozencpu and it should be here tomorrow.
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