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Default GT220 and Windows 7 problems

Hi everyone,

Just last week I bought a gt220 graphics card - it was pretty cheap - hoping it would suit my needs (something better than my gpu). I built a computer recently, ASUS mobo, AMD chipset, 4gig ram, all pretty cheap. I can get the models if you need them. Also, windows 7.

I am at the point right now where I have installed the graphics card, went into safe mode and loaded drivers from the installation CD it came with, and after this I reset the computer. On startup - I see the ASUS mobo screen, it continues on to the Windows loading screen, and as soon as the windows icon starts to appear (the 4 colored flag), the computer resets. It then prompts me to either run a startup check or continue to load windows normally.

-If I run the startup check, it tells me that there is an issue with a bad driver but windows cannot do anything to correct this.
-If I choose to continue to load windows normally, I get to the exact same point, and windows resets.

I have however got windows to load successfully once however, I was able to play a video game and things ran fine. But, I have tried to start windows about 30 times now, always resets at the same point.

I Have tried to install the drivers from the website, CD, and with windows automatic update. Every time when I try to turn the computer on, it gets to the windows loading screen and resets.

If I pull the card out and run off the mobo, things work fine.

I'm lost, all help is appreciated.
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