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Default 480 GTX scaling. Q6600@ 3.6 to i7 2600k @ 4.6

Got my new rig and benched before I tore it down. Rock solid chip that q6600 was even at 3.6. Here we go.

q6600 at 3.6 vs I7 2600k at 4.6 Gpu scaling for a Pny 480

No graphs, nothing fancy. Just my before and after benches moved from a q6600 @ 3.6 to a I7 2600k @4.6 ! mmmmm 4.6.

PNY 480 GTx
Gpu clocks
850 core 1025 mem 1.138v

all benches at 1920x1080p 4x AA 16Xaf all settings maxed except where noted with Just Cause 2. That bokeh filter looks crap and runs crap so its off. All other setting maxed 4xaa at 1080p

Dirt 2 built in bench

Before 92 max 82 Min Dx11
After 110 max 94 min (gpu limited as raising clocks even 5mhz on core of gpu ups fps.)

3d mark 2011
Before P5477
After p6421 (score increase mainly from physics test. which went from 13fps at finish to 32 ! BAM !

ffiv bench
BEfore 4819
After 5874

Just cause 2
Concrete jungle test BOKEH FILTER OFF because it sucks and just makes things blurry in the distance which happens without it on as well and looks better ?!?! GPU water is on.
Before 35.42
After 52.74

Short and sweet and what you already know. The new intel chips are freaking fast and at 4.6+ it is just unreal from a performance perspective and a value perspective. Also, this single 480 is now my bottleneck.... Small core increases in GPU past my safe stable clocks just for benching show massing increases. This chip SCREAMS SLI or better. Its taking a damn nap with a 480 even with my decent OC on it.

There ya go.
Intel i7 2600k @ 4.8ghz 1.35v, 1.40v full load
Cooler Master Hyper 212
Gigabyte 580 @945/2232
4 Gigs Ripjaw @ 1600
Antec (a good one) 650w
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