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Default Re: Windows 7 SP1 RTM

Originally Posted by ir123 View Post
So does this thing have the kiss of death, forced installation of the spyware known as T.W.A.T. (The Windows Activation Technologies)? I've been witnessing the loyalty of long time winbreds dropping like flies due to this thing alone.
This isn't a problem for enterprise, OEMs, or 95% of users. It looks like it was released via Windows Update for all Windows 7 users in February of last year. The only "winbreds" who have an issue with it are pirates, the inexplicably paranoid, and a handful of enthusiasts who change hardware endlessly and have a phobia of calling MS when they run into an activation issue.

It's a crappy program and I don't like it from a perspective of principals, but I don't really see an alternative for Microsoft. I'd love to hear some options.
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