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Default Re: NVRM: os_schedule: Attempted to yield the CPU while in atomic[...] [260.19.21 x86

Originally Posted by oyvind View Post
I tried using the latest 260.19.29 driver for a while, to see if things were in fact stable, even though scary errors are spewed out into my kernel log at times. Suspend/resume works, and the system looks stable on the surface.. .. Except for the "gray screen of death" that just hit me. Out of nowhere (when editing in Emacs), system froze and screen turned completely ## GRAY ##. Alt+SysRq dead, network dead, everything dead. So it is not usable nor stable in practice, which would also be the logical conclusion judging by the look of the error messages that appear in the kernel log. It was worth a shot, I guess ..

Please consider releasing something that works for the NVS 3100M and that is as stable as 195.36-series. Because 195.36.24 is solid (I've had uptime for more than a month using this driver, with lots of suspend/resume and hibernate cycles). If you need more information, logs or debugging data, please let me know, I'd be glad to help in any way I can ..
Unfortunately, this seems off topic. If you are not seeing the error messages listed in the subject of this thread, then you should follow the forum rules about creating a new thread with the pertinent requirements. See the stickies in this forum for information.
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