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Default Re: Windows 7 SP1 RTM

Originally Posted by Q View Post
This isn't a problem for enterprise, OEMs, or 95% of users.
What do you mean "this isn't a problem"? Just because you don't mind having special sauce spyware in your own computer at all times, I don't see what gives you the right to dictate to others that they must accept an secret mechanism running on their systems. It's completely illogical to dismiss the concerns without any explanation.

The bottom line is that by the design and nature of tWAT, MS by their very own EULA is not liable for anything that goes wrong.

It looks like it was released via Windows Update for all Windows 7 users in February of last year.
Yes, it was. And as of now, or until SP1 rolls out to the updates, it was an optional update, disabled by default. Which is why I'm now wondering if SP1 makes it mandatory.

The only "winbreds" who have an issue with it are pirates, the inexplicably paranoid, and a handful of enthusiasts who change hardware endlessly and have a phobia of calling MS when they run into an activation issue.
Given this comment of yours, I have one suggestion: Please have the foggiest clue of what you're talking about. Have you seriously drank that much of the koolaid over the years that any of this is stopping pirates, or that it's even meant to? MS has no intention of stopping pirates, only keeping the ignorant, mediocre suckers paying 3 times for a license, including the hordes of grotesquely inefficient companies paying their MS tax. I can assure you that neither tWAT nor anything MS has done has ever curved piracy, and perhaps it has contributed to it instead.

It's a crappy program and I don't like it from a perspective of principals, but I don't really see an alternative for Microsoft.
Then you lack imagination, or you're lying.

I'd love to hear some options.
I doubt it. You seem like you'd like to hear what you want to hear. But I'll indulge you. MS should be broken up like the phone companies were to end their predatory practices. That would be a good start, then good results could be built on top of it. Now please, if you would, certainly explain to me that MS being allowed to do whatever it wants is the only option. That has never been outlined before, and I'd like to hear it.
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