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Default Re: GTX570 or Ati 6950 ?

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
You whine about 40fps in BC2 in eyefinity? Well, that 40fps is with 8xAA. It must be so hard to turn it down.

Also, why did you bring up eyefinity when you can't even compare apples to apples. I didn't mention anything about it, neither did the OP. tRollo fails at Trolling again.
No, I pretty much made my point and you didn't even realize you helped reinforce it. Did you even notice that "lowering the AA" (as you suggest) from 8X to 2X only raised the average fps from 40 to 47? And that this is still on TWO cards, and the point I was making is that EyeFinity on ONE card isn't much of an advantage for ATi?

What would you say the scaling on Battlefield is Roadhog? 90% or more? Yep, I'm "whining" about how one 6950 or 6970 isn't really suitable for 57X10 gaming, mostly because it isn't. Those "playable" fps you posted are all on two cards, cut them in half and you see why one card EyeFinity is a check box feature only for many games.

You wouldn't really know about this stuff rocking the single 27" panel though, so I don't blame you.

I notice you didn't bother replying to me proving you totally wrong about ATi 3d, another tech you have no experience with. I suppose it was pretty embarassing seeing your buying into ATi PR about their crappy science project 3d was ill advised.

Better luck next time chief.
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