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Default Re: GTX570 or Ati 6950 ?

I started my gaming career on Voodoo. Then ATI with the badass 9700 Pro. 6800 Ultra. 8800 Ultra. And for a year on the 5850.

I built a machine for the inlaws this Christmas using an ATI 5450. I've also got a HTPC with a 4350. I installed the 10.12 drivers on each system. And because of this, I've had the worst PC month of my life. BSODs across all three systems. I sent the machine home with the parents before knowing this and they're on 22k dialup.

The BEST part is that the driver crashed so bad on my desktop and HTPC that Windows couldn't even load the kernel dump. The only way I could pinpoint the driver as the root cause was the fact that the kernel dump driver COULD load on the in-law's PCs.....and the fact that the driver was the only common thread between three very different systems.

10.12 was not beta. That was a consumer release. That caused random instability across three generations of cards. Completely unacceptable and a quick Google search shows I'm not the only one.

I will NEVER buy another AMD/ATI card as a result. Overall, I'll admit that the 5850 was a hell of a card at a hell of a price. I've had a handful of random bull**** with the drivers that I never had with my 8800. I remember BC2 being unplayable for the first month plus because of all the tearing and visual anomalies. (Was it BC2 or another big budget shooter? - I forget) I honestly can't believe I'm faulting the company's drivers in 2011. I really thought we got past this bull****.

I'm picking up a GTX570.

And selling the the 5850 under the guise "BEST CARD I'VE EVER OWNED" in the For Sale forum.
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