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Default Re: my gripe with windows 7

Pfft. I've had to reactivate my Win 7 box probably 8-9 times, due to my constantly changing parts. All it takes is a five minute free phone call to resolve. And I have never gotten a hassle from MS for doing this. Completely 100% hassle free.
If this wasn't your experience, then you should have asked for a supervisor. Either you got an extremely rare case of a rude service person, or your story is BS. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it is the former. A supervisor would have easily taken care of it for you.
AFAIK, MS does not blacklist a key unless it has requested activation numerous times over a short period of times (leading to an obvious case of widespread piracy). If I haven't been banned, there is no reason you should have been. Again, a manager could have taken care of this easily. MS's policy has always been to assume your are innocent in every case and activate manually, unless it is provable that a particular key has been pirated.
If Norton 360 is causing you hassles, blame Norton, not MS. I would think that would be blatantly obvious.

As far as the OPs rant on "greed", blah blah blah, a company is there to provide a product or service in exchange for money. Since there are literally millions out there who find theft to be appropriate, do you think it is not in any companies best interests to protect that investment and prevent the piracy of their product? Do you not think that it is more appropriate to rant and rave at the pirates themselves?

But more importantly, if you do not agree with a product or service, go elsewhere. I'm certain Linux would love another user...
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