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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by YodaStar View Post
I love SHoC, one of the few games I've replayed several times and got the same genuine experience I got with first playthrough. The athmosphere, scary situations like nights, the labs, bloodsuckers, the ambient sounds and world is unmatched by any game IMO. Though CS was something of a dissapointment due to cheesy amercian voice acting and dialogs aswell as gameplay taking place in similar or same locations as SHoC while forcing you through a narrow storyline path. Way to streamlined and action oriented and to much safe zones with population. You didn't feel like you where just "someone" in the zone. but I need to replay it with CM 2009. Now COP is fantastic, like it a lot. Great gameplay great athmosphere and it just feels right. My only beef is (was since I modded it) the artistic blandness as in badly choosen colors, textures to use, blending ranges and more.

Really Koko, you should see the screenshot of my COP version. Here chew on these ones and tell me I dont care enough about Stalker games to without doubt spend lots of hours to download nice mods and make my own to get a solid package for me to enjoy (seeing all that advanced tech and perfomance impact being wasted due to bad art decisons making it look like a DX8 game in the wilderness). Anyway love how it looks now, jaw-dropping and the most important the gameplay is superb.

Youre only allowed to see this screenshot if you watched the others.
Hi, can u tell me what mods did u use. I am playing the first stalker and it does not look that good with the defaults. Specially after playing Crysis. I like the game but the graphics do not look too good.
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